Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blog Tour: Unthinkable by M.L Preston

Blog Tour:
M.L Preston
Jan 14th - Jan 21st

Two years post college, straight-laced,
hardworking, Amaya Davis is making waves in the male-dominated sports marketing
industry. Thanks to an abusive relationship, she's sworn off men; so she buries
herself in work and her dreams keep her writhing in pleasure. But a chance
encounter at an art gallery opening finds Amaya face to face with Nicholas
Hansen again. He's the star of her dreams, and he awakens a desire deep within

They decide to partner together in business and
in the bedroom, the boardroom, the barn and anywhere else they can break away
to be together. But will Amaya's insecurities and distrust separate these two
or will Nicholas show her how to overcome her past so they can have a future?

ML Preston was born and raised in Oklahoma
City, where she learned early on that she had a gift for bringing worlds to
life with her words. An avid and voracious reader, she was encouraged to
nurture her active imagination and quickly found a passion for storytelling.
Inspired by her own personal love story, she began to write the voices in her
head, embarking on a journey to share her stories. She spins tales of passion
and romance where the lines between race and creed, physical perfection and
social norms disappear in the face of love. Tales of real love; erotic
connections with a heart and soul that everyone can relate to. She now makes a
home in Texas with her husband and three children, who keep her grounded when
the voices call on her to tell their story. And they never stop calling



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