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Blog Tour:Lone Ryder: Hot Motorcycle Club Romance (Bike Ryder Series Book 1) by Jamie Black

Lone Ryder:
Hot Motorcycle Club Romance
Bike Ryder Series Book 1
Jamie Black
Jan 5th - Jan 12th

Recently divorced, Sara is tired of the Stepford-wife
lifestyle. She decided to step out on her own one night and ends up at a local
Biker Bar where she meets Ryder. 

Ryder isn't looking for anything. He's the one
everyone knows. Except Sara. She walks into the bar, beautifully out of place. 

He's about to take her on the ride of a

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Part 1 may
end on a cliff hanger 

Mature readers only. It contains adult themes,
violence, and scenes of a graphic sexual nature.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 by
Jamie Black

He reached down and grabbed her by the
back of the hair and pulled her head away from his family jewels. He looked
down at her with his bottom lip hanging off his face like it was not his to
control and with a winded breath said, “You are one sexy bitch, Sara.”

She licked her lips as she was held in
place by his strong hands on her hair and he threw his head back as if he
couldn’t take it any longer. Sara rose up to her knees and slid the massive
cock into her mouth, first taking in just the head and working her way about
half-way down the shaft. There was a feeling inside of her that wanted to be
able to swallow his cock whole, but it was too large. She worked his member
with her mouth, sliding it up and down and sucking hard as she came up each
time. She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock while it was still in
her mouth and even she was wondering what had gotten into her. She felt him
start to swell and knew he was getting close, so she stopped and stood in front
of him. You could see the pain in his eyes as he tried to hold back his orgasm.
“Can you come twice?” She wasn’t about to throw this moment away for a hummer.
“For you anything, baby,” he moaned,
and with that she returned to her knees and took him deep in her throat. The
thought of taking him inside her mouth was making her work even harder to feel
as though she deserved the load he was about to deliver.

She worked her way down his cock until
he was completely inside her. She felt him swell and then release and thought
about that feeling she experienced in the tub. The idea that she was able to
bring someone to this point was so satisfying to her, she eagerly awaited her
reward. She began taking him into her mouth faster, sucking the tip of his cock
upon every release. His cock begun to throb and she knew she was about to be
rewarded, but wanted him to watch. She pulled her mouth off his cock and left
her open lips at the tip. As he exploded she caught some of the hot jizz in her
mouth and some on her chin. She let him drip from her chin to her breasts and
enjoyed the salty taste he left in her mouth.

Ryder was breathing heavy and had his
eyes locked on Sara. “Wow,” he whispered, as if completely surprised by her
abilities, and honestly, Sara was completely surprised by everything, her
behavior, her abilities and her eagerness.
“You enjoy that?”
“Baby, I’ll cum all night if you want me
to. That was incredible” Ryder sounded as eager as Sara now, like a pair of
high school kids – except they knew what they were doing.

Love & Lust... and the thin line in between...
New series, but not new to writing,
Jamie Black brings hot sizzling stories with hard core action to print. Be
prepared to fall in love with characters or hate 'em, you just never know.


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