Friday, January 8, 2016

Release Blitz: Promises by Kristy Kay

Release Blitz:
Kristy Kay
Jan 8th

Taylor Miller led a sheltered life with her
scholarly father until she chose to take a year before college and move in with
her more whimsical mother. There she met the wild, impetuous Jack Rodgers who
swept her off her feet with promises of a lifetime of unbreakable love, and
unshakeable faith.

14 years, 2 kids, and 6 tours of Iraq later
Jack, now an Army Ranger shatters all those promises in a bid to protect the
only woman he will ever love from his hidden demons, destroying her completely
instead. While trying to learn to live with the devastating pain Taylor meets
Ian Brennan, an Irish businessman with his own dark heartache. He reminds her
that she is a woman, not just a wife and mother and he teaches her to live
despite the pain.

Taylor soon realizes her life isn’t worth living
without her whole heart and Jack finally realizes that he can’t fight his
demons alone but will it be too late. Are there some promises once broken that
can’t be forgiven?


Kathryn James is a single mother whose world
came crashing down when her husband was killed while deployed in Iraq. He was
her first and only love. She rebuilt her life around her children, not wanting
or needing anything or anyone else. 

Daniel Kaehe was an A-list model turned actor
who spent his entire life looking for an all-consuming love, but only finding
women who wanted to be seen with him and didn’t care to look any closer. 

A chance meeting throws these two un-likely
souls together and the chemistry is immediate. Can they overcome their pasts to
build a future together or will the past tear them apart? 

On Sale $99/99p



Ever since I was very little I was a writer. I
won a few poetry contests in elementary school, joined yearbook and literary
magazine in high school. I wanted to grow up to be a journalist and best
selling novelist. 

Things got a little off track at some point, but
it is never too late to follow your dreams! So here I am, an Indie Author
working on my very first novel, Breathe!!

I am also mother to two beautiful children, and
married to the love of my life.


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