Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cover Reveal:Torn by Terri George

☆.•°*°•.☆TORN Cover reveal ☆.•°*°•.☆

TORN by terri george

Release date February 14th

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What’s so great about Bad Boys? It’s time a Nice Guy won the Girl.

And Aiden Byrne is a Nice Guy.

They’ve flirted for months and he’s finally got the girl of his dreams. Queue H.E.A.

But nothing’s that simple in life or love.

Jen’s been hurt once and doesn’t intend to repeat the experience so keeps her

heart at a safe distance from any man.

Aiden knows he’ll have to work hard to win her trust and her heart, but just when

he seems to be breaking down Jen’s defences, life throws a curve ball no one

was expecting.

Aiden’s TORN between doing what’s right and doing what makes him happy.

Will he make the right choice?

Will he and Jen get their Happy Ever After ending?

About the Author

From a small child I’ve loved to lose myself in stories. I’m a firm believer that if

heaven exists, it contains every novel ever written and has big squishy sofas to

curl up on and read for all eternity.

My comedy play, The Magazine was performed at The Bush Theatre in London

and my poetry has been published in several anthologies. However, what I really

wanted to write were novels. With several unfinished manuscripts languishing in

the depths of my computers hard drive, it was my discovery of erotic romance

that led me to the realisation this is the genre I should be writing.

As English as they come, I couldn’t survive without tea. From Rachmaninov to

Aerosmith my taste in music is best described as eclectic. And I make a mean

chocolate cake.

I currently live in London, England, but dream of moving to the coast. A long held

desire I really hope to fulfill one day.

I had an absolute blast writing Beguiled and In Too Deep and I hope you enjoy

them, along with book 3 of The Frost Trilogy due to be released late summer

2015. I realise the colloquial dialogue and British idioms may be new to some

readers, but Mia is English as am I and she speaks with a definitive English voice

­ I couldn’t have written my feisty, intelligent, well­read heroine any other way.

Maybe I should have included a glossary! LOL





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