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Review: Shifters in the Snow

Shifters in the Snow Shifters in the Snow by Jacqueline Sweet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifteen wonderful shifter tales for the holiday season.

A Honeybear Christmas by Jacqueline Sweet- The winter witch shows up in town as the Morrissey's are ready to celebrate their holiday. Cute story. They need to stop her before she destroys the town and everyone in it. Spread a little Christmas cheer. Cute story and for fans of the series a wonderful bonus

Bears in Wonderland by Amanda Jones- Loved the story. When Cat is taken away from Patrick and has no memory he will do anything to get her to remember that they are fated mates.

Grizzly Bell Rock by Cynthia Fox- Needing mistletoe, sisters Gracie and Catherine go across the bridge where they were told never to go. Whats the worse that can happen. Meeting two shifters and things start heating up on the search for mistletoe. Hot sexy story

How the Bear Stole Christmas by Claire Ryann- Andi escaping her ex gets the opportunity to run her friends coffee shop . Meeting the man everyone calls “The Grinch” She wonders how he got that name when he is anything but a grinch to her. One of my favorites in this collection. Loved the interaction between the characters.

New Year Wolf by J.K.Harper- Caleb and his mate Rielle bring in the New Year with a new chance. Great short story for lovers of this series by J.K. Harper.

Before the Hunt by J.M. Klaire- Sandra was ready to marry her prince. Anything to keep a roof over her mothers head and food in their mouths. Until she over hears why the prince is marring someone like her. Running away she figures it would be easy to find someone else with the money to keep her family safe. Never thinking she was going to run into Naythan and that sometimes you can have love and security. Of course things aren't that easy.

Bearing The Freeze by Christa Kelley- Gage Weston returns to his home town to try and discover why the weather has changed. Snow and freezing have taken over and no body knows why. Lily's heart was broken when Gage left town. Cute story and just goes to show what can happen with a broken heart and a spell gone wrong.

The Cowbear's Secret by Liv Brywood- Rachel's son is dying and the only way to save him is to finally let the father know he has a son and that he is the only hope left. Touching Christmas story with a second chance at love

The Alpha Warlock Shifter's Gift by Auriella Skye- Danika is being forced to marry to help the clans. Yet she can't get out of her mind that boy she met twelve years earlier. Even though they have never seen each other since she still thinks of him. Running back to that place to think that boy now a man returns. Can they change what the clans have in store for them. Sweet romance. Loved the story, Had a wonderful flow to it for being a short story.

Winter Solstice by Gen Gericault- Clayton never thought to see tail lights that night. Almost running into the car he gets out to check on the driver. When Clementine rolls the window down all he knows h\is his bear roars mine. Clementine a witch never thought to find her beloved on the darkest night of the year. Recognizing what they are to each other doesn't mean things will work out right away.

The Panther's Runaway Surrogate by Alyse Zaftig- Guillermo keeps chasing his surrogate down. Devanta agreed to be a surrogate but as the birth gets closer she keeps running hoping to get away. I have to be honest here. This story made no sense at all to me. Maybe it is part of a series . But I was totally confused by the end.

Bear Naked for Christmas by Edith Hawkes- Katie is heading to Scarfell to spend Christmas with her parents. It is tradition to spend it at the cabin. Meeting the new neighbor Noah didn't go to well. How nasty can you be. Meeting a second time things go much better but when the ex fiancé shows up demanding Katie to return, it is up to Noah to protect her. Loved Katie and Noah, great characters.

Jingle Bell Howl by Misha Carver- Laney is determined to spend Christmas with her friends, not her parents. After a accident where she loses her memory and being rescued by Nate a wolf shifter. Lena ends up in more trouble then just from taking her mothers car. Not to bad of a story. I never really warmed up to Lena. Just seemed like a spoiled princess with no redeeming qualities.

Snow Leopard Mountain by Suki Selborne – Cadence is in Aspen with her boss. While her boss and family might be on vacation. Candence is not. A big cat in the road and her boss being kidnapped. Things are going so well this Christmas holiday. Hot and sexy Sawyer changes all that around. Greta sexy story.

Found by Olivia Arran- Claire is on the run. Being in wolf form allows her to run faster and keeps her from really feeling the cold. Being wounded and having to shift to heal, she ends up unable to shift back and the cold starts doing its damage to her human body. Adam was escaping for a few days from, being pack alpha. Finding Claire unconscious in the snow as soon as he touched her his wolf knew she was his. Now he needs to keep her safe from what she was running from. Such a wonderful story. Excellent flow to the short story.

If you are a lover of shifters, definitely worth taking the time to read. I received a copy of this book in exchanger for an honest review.

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