Monday, June 1, 2015

Coer Reveal: Parker's Proceedings by Genevieve Scholl


By: Genevieve Scholl

Cover Reveal June 1st

Release Day August 23rd

Rosenthal just hit the big 4-0, and life is as boring as watching paint dry.
She’s a lawyer, which she loves, her son is grown and moved out, she hasn’t
seen a movie in the cinemas in almost a decade, and her friendships are limited
to a best friend half way across the country, a quirky assistant who talks
faster than a freight train, and a chinchilla who thinks the countertops in her
kitchen are its own personal bedroom.
as she’s contemplating doing something drastic and crazy in able to get some
excitement in her life, Parker Bensley, a 20-something professional basketball
player, walks into her office to file for divorce from his wife, and Ashlee’s
libido is standing up and taking notice for the first time in forever. But he’s
her client, and it would be considered a conflict of interest for her to feel
anything toward him. So she shuts down her sexy thoughts and focuses on the
Parker makes the first move, and everything she had done to ensure she never
compromised the case is thrown out the window. Ashlee knows it’s all kinds of
wrong, but, damn, does it feel oh-so-good.

the Author

I'm just a small town girl with a heart
for the country life. I'm very shy and pretty much a loner, but my writing
helps me be more outgoing and talk to various people that I would otherwise
have a hard time approaching. I don't write for the money or the fame, but
rather to tell a story that needs to be told; whether that is my story or a character's
story. As a lot of people know, from my various interviews, I started writing
to express my anger and hurt over the bullying that I experienced in High
School, but eventually I just realized that I loved to tell stories. I was born
in Texas, grew up and still live in Upstate New York, and want to retire in

For updates on the story, the release,
or to chat with Genevieve …
Address : Po Box 163, Yorkville, NY, 13495

if you’d like to check out her Amazon page and her past published titles :

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