Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Brooklyn's Survival by Elizabeth York

Title: Brooklyn's Survival
Series: Brooklyn Series #2
Author: Elizabeth York
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 4, 2015
After her father's funeral Brooklyn decides to hunt down the killer that had been raining down on New York City. This killer is infamous for blending in and playing games.

Will he get to Brooklyn, while she hunts for him or will he allow this game of cat-and-mouse to end? Will Mark come to her rescue after everything she has done?

Mark knows the path of destruction Brooklyn is on to stop a killer, that he has been unable to stop. Will he stop her when the time comes or let her live with blood on her hands?

Will he be able to let go of his anger to embrace her in life?
Will they ever find the love that was lost?


5 stars

Brooklyn has been in witness protection for a year now. Not knowing if Mark and Kate were alive or what was going on with the serial killer. Sneaking a cell phone she searches for anything about what had happened. Then RJ finds her and she has had enough she wants to go home.  Convincing the marshals she returns to find everything has changed. mark has moved on with his life, Kate believed that Brooklyn was dead. Now Brooklyn needs to make some sense of her life. Stop the killing and take back control.
    All I can say is wow. I loved it, then I hated it and then I loved it some more. I was twisted, torn and just when I thought things were going one way they twisted back some more. All that thrown in with a rollercoaster ride of emotions it was one hell of a ride. To think that there is still one more book in the series. Things are not as they seemed with any of them. Mark I wanted to strangle and at times the same with Brooklyn. Yet at the same time I understood where each of them were coming from. Trying to move on with their lives. Now I just downright need to know who is behind everything. I can't pin it down. The story keeps you turning the pages from the get go and you don't want to stop until the book is done. Elizabeth York says the tone of this book is different then the first one and she was telling the truth on that. She did a fantastic job with it. It fits the where the storyline is going and doesn't throw you off one bit. I received a arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Up and coming author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes "Dear Daddy" dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research.
Take the time to get to know the characters and you will love them as much as she does.

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