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Blog Tour: His Enemy's Son by Iyana Jenna

Blog Tour:

His Enemy's Son


Iyana Jenna

Aug 24th - Aug 31st


Garrett, a young oil mogul, can't get his business counterpart to return his

calls after a deal goes bad. After making every effort to contact the man, Luke

decides to kidnap his former partner's son, Alex, to gain the man's attention

to their shared problem.

Alex Parker is celebrating his eighteenth birthday by getting drunk with his

best friend--and studiously avoiding the debutantes his father tries to throw

Alex's way. His night of revelry is cut short when he finds himself a

houseguest of a rather unconventional abductor.

Even though he's angry and scared, Alex is drawn to Luke, whose plan falls

apart when his attraction to Alex generates a change of heart. Luke can't do

anything else but turn himself in to the police, much to Alex's dismay. Alex

doesn't want to lose his chance at something great before it even begins.



Birthday to me.” Alex Parker knocked back his beer, already the fifth that

afternoon, and squinted at his friend across the table. “What?” he asked as he

raised his chin defiantly.


shrugged. “Nothing,” he said, eyeing his friend as he drank his soda.


stop acting like a jerk for once. I’m eighteen now and I want to celebrate my



Your fake ID told the bouncer you were twenty-one. You want him to throw you

out now? Anyway, you seem to forget your mom’s throwing a birthday bash for you

at home. A birthday bash that lacks the birthday boy.”

“If by

bash you mean a fancy dinner with my dad’s business counterparts, their wives,

and daughters? I’ll pass.”


hummed. “Their daughters, huh? Whew. I can’t stand their whining voices and bossy

behavior but they must be great in bed.”


made a face and took another gulp from his bottle. “I feel like cattle paraded

around to the highest bidder. I wouldn’t mind if it were their sons, but my dad

would have a heart attack if he found out about me.”

“Do you

plan on telling him?”


no! Do you think he could handle it? I can see him reading the headlines now:

Alex Parker, Heir of Parker Oil Company, Caught Fucking a Guy.”

Seth let

out a belly laugh. “I can imagine your dad’s face. Hey”–he leaned forward– “but

have you done that–you know–with a guy?”


face felt warm and it was not because of the beer.


no,” he said in something close to a whisper. “I mean, I’ve seen pictures and

videos; they looked fantastic. The guys are so hot; I get hot just looking at

them, their hard chests, peaked nipples asking to be tweaked…” Alex began to



Alex, I feel like puking here.”


up.” Alex laughed. “You just don’t know, dude.”


rather not, I guess. Much prefer those soft mounds myself–”


point taken.” Alex cut him off. “What I mean is those guys have everything and

I mean everything. They’d just point at me laughing their asses off if they so

much as looked at me.”


wait a minute,” Seth said. “You’re saying–”


sighed. “Yeah, just look at me. I’m just this tall, lanky kid. No one would

want to be with me, especially those hunky dudes.”


it. Just stop it.” Seth squeezed his forearm so tightly that Alex yelped.


you’re hurting me!” he cried out.


released him. “Sorry. But you should quit with the self-pity act. Have you

looked in the mirror lately? If I were into dudes, I’d have hit on you the

first time we met. Those long curly eyelashes, pouty lips that always look

wet–I bet every girl and gay man want to taste them.”

Alex sat

leaning forward, propping his chin on his hand.


really think so?” He smiled then shook his head. “Wait, what? You said you

weren’t interested yet you noticed all those things?” Alex chuckled.


up.” Seth’s face reddened. He shoved Alex’s bottle into his hand. “Go ahead,

drink more. By morning you won’t remember our discussion.”


complied and finished his drink before he signaled a waitress for more beer.


frowned at him.


wasn’t serious about more drinks, you know.”


pointed at him with his newly acquired bottle.


it, all right? And you’re driving.”

“As if

that wasn’t obvious two hours ago,” Seth muttered into his glass and took a


* * * *


slipped away, and Alex couldn’t lift his head off the table. He felt Seth tug

at him and he waved his hand off, but his head was too heavy. He didn’t fight

when Seth pulled him up and propped him on his shoulder.


going home now.” Alex heard Seth’s words amidst his huffing breaths.

“No, not

going home,” he slurred.


Seth said. “Your mom’s been calling you all night.”


didn’t answer. He didn’t want to answer; didn’t have the energy to. He let Seth

lead them through the throngs of people in the pub. Sharp scents of sweat,

alcohol, and something Alex wouldn’t think about invaded his nostrils and made

his stomach roll. He pressed himself into the side of Seth’s body. He was

grateful to have Seth with him. Honestly, Alex wouldn’t mind being Seth’s

boyfriend if his friend wanted to change his mind about his sexual orientation.


a fresh breeze caressed his face and Alex took a deep breath. The wind helped

cool down his hot head and he became aware of his surroundings. He pushed Seth

away and his friend turned to him.

“What is

it? Are you okay?”


Alex nodded, squeezed his eyes shut, and took a deep breath as his head swam

with the slight movement. “Uh, no, I don’t think so.”






on.” Seth pulled Alex close, and he went with him without complaint. He

staggered next to Seth and almost plunged down face first when Seth suddenly

stopped in his tracks.


what the hell–”


tried to focus as he saw a group of men in dark suits walk toward him and Seth

and begin to slowly circle them. Men in Black? He giggled.


who are they?” Seth hissed in his ear.


arched an eyebrow. Seth’s kidding, right? Alex was the one heavily drunk.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the one asking the question?


okay, Mr. Chandler. We’ll take it from here.”


eyebrows shot up to reach his hairline as one of the men spoke to Seth.


How do you know my name?” Seth squeaked.


relax. Alex’s father sent us to pick him up. He’s been worried.”


laughed. Since when did his father worry about him? He only cared when he

thought Alex was going to do something to disgrace the family. Come to think of

it, maybe this time he would.


work for my father?” Alex asked. God, his head was throbbing. “Why haven’t I

seen you before?”


let’s get the hell out of here,” Seth begged beside him.


haven’t seen us, Alex, but we’ve seen you.” The man laughed but it didn’t reach

his eyes. “It’s what we do; keep an eye on you and your family.”


swayed in Seth’s hands, holding onto him tightly.

“I don’t

like this, Alex.”


do I. Let’s go.”


man in black rushed forward and grabbed Alex, wrenching him away from Seth.


they cried out.


going home with my friend. Let me go!” Alex shouted.

It was

no use. Men in black surrounded him from every angle. He couldn’t see Seth



Iyana Jenna and you can call me Iyana. I like writing, romance, and man love so

as you can see on this site, you’re mostly going to find m/m stories whether

they are for adults or young adults. They are not going to be too heavy on

explicit sex, though, as many say that my stories are considered sweet romance.

November 29, 2012, was the date that I will never forget. That was the time

when I got my first acceptance email from a publisher where I sent my first story

to be published. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and I think I cried a

little. :)

When I

don’t write, I teach English to children, teens, and adults. I also work in the

curriculum and materials department in an institution. Among my responsibilities

are writing books and tests.

I love watching, listening to music, and, of course, reading. I like chocolate,

cheese, strawberry, anything that is good. If you want to know more about me,

come and have a chat.

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