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Release Blitz: Encore by Kallysten








~ Part 2/5 of the Serenade Serial, a vampire romance story ~

After spending a night with Rachid, vampire Irene is in a state of complete

confusion. She’s been living for centuries, has met and bedded countless men,

and she can’t understand what is so special about this one human. Just like she

can’t understand how listening to him play her music on the piano touched

something inside her so that she’s able to compose again after decades of being


Needing to hear him play some more – and possibly enjoy his company again – she

returns to the piano bar where she first met him. But while Rachid is there as

she hoped, it’s another man who approaches her, a vampire, who happens to be

Rachid’s companion: Oliver. His interest in her music should flatter her, but

instead she finds herself annoyed that he thinks he knows her music better than

she does. She’s intent on putting him in his place… but whose side will Rachid


(20.000 words)

Please note - While it references a Male/Male relationship, the entire serial

will not show these two characters exchange anything more ‘on the page’ than

touching above the waist and kissing/biting.

Overture (Serenade Serial Book 1)

For six centuries, the vampire Irene has hunted human prey to

feed from their necks, sometimes taking them to her bed, too.

For almost as long, she has preserved her memories in music

notes, composing on her piano but never sharing except with her offspring.

So when, during a trip to Paris, she stumbles onto a bar in

which a pianist plays her music for the patrons, she’s flabbergasted that

anyone might be enjoying her compositions and just as outraged that they’ve

been stolen from her.

Her first instinct is to take the pianist’s life as

retribution, but a few words exchanged with the talented, intriguing and

insolent Rachid might change her mind…

LENGTH – 18.000 words / 50 PDF pages



NOTE – This ebook is the first part in the Serenade

Serial. It features Irene, a secondary character from Ward of

the Vampire
, and takes place at the same time as Ward although both books

can be read on their own.

About Kallysten

My most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few

thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of my life. I have

been writing for over fifteen years, and I’ve always enjoyed sharing my stories

and listening to the readers’ reactions.

After playing with science fiction, short stories, poetry and

fanfiction, I am now trying my hand, heart and words at romance novels and I am

very excited to have my stories published as ebooks.

My first novels were published by Linden Bay Romance in 2005.

The defunct Venus Press subsequently published a few of my short stories.

Because so many of my stories are linked as series and part of the same

universe, I decided it would make sense to have them all in the same place,

which is why I decided to self-publish, first with Alinar then on my own. When

I see calls for submissions that speak to my muse, I sometimes try for them,

and was published this way by Samhain (Moonlust) and Torquere(Christmas Magic,

The Thirteenth Halloween).

When I’m not writing – which isn’t all that often! – I devour

books, work in my vegetables patch or at my real-life job, put small quilts

together for friends, and try to exercise more. Where do I sign up for days

that are 30 hours long?


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