Friday, August 21, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Vinny by Maryann Jordan


Vinny, The Alvarez Security Series   by Maryann Jordan

Former Special Forces brother-in-arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland.
Vinny Malloy, dedicated to his brothers while working for Alvarez Security, loved life the way he loved his music…loud, hard, and fast. When his friends and twin brother settled down, he continued to be devoted to his easy weekend conquests…until his next mission and he discovered that opposites can attract.
Annalissa O’Brian, a shy harpist with the Richland Symphonic Orchestra was constantly being told where to perform, regardless of her desire to teach music. When her father hired Alvarez Security to escort her from a LA concert, she had no idea how liberating that decision would be…until she met Vinny.
When drugs are found hidden in her luggage, Vinny and Annalissa begin a cross-country escape, staying one step ahead of the drug dealers that are after her and falling for each other along the way. Vinny had to prove to himself that he was worthy of the innocent harpist while keeping her alive at the same time. His love gave her the strength to stand on her own. Her music gave him the healing peace that had been missing.

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5 stars
Vinny seen and done a lot in the special forces. One moment would haunt him. After returning state side Vinny went to work for his former Captain Tony at Alvarez Security. When Tony sends him on a mission to protect a musician. Nothing more was given to Vinny. After arriving Vinny is thrown back to a bad time after listening to the music. Even more shocked when he realizes that the musician that he is to protect is a young harp player Annalissa O'Brian. Thinking it was going to be easy, fly out get Annalissa on a plane in the morning fly home. There and done. What Vinny didn't count on was the feelings he felt when near her, the emergency landing that had to make and finding drugs packed into her harp. Now he mission is to keep her by his side and keep her safe.
    Another wonderful romantic suspense. Vinny liked his women tall, blonde and big chested. Once and done, no cuddles or spending the night. As he watched his brothers in arms fall one by one. He wondered if he would ever had that. On the other hand he liked his life the way it was. Annalissa, small, dark haired and slender had never meet anyone like Vinny. She was used to people telling her what she was doing and it drove her crazy. Yet when Vinny did, there was something about him that made her feel as if he only had her best intentions at heart. Never mind he was large, built and with that panty melting smile. It made he feel safe with him by her side. Watching Vinny fall for Annalissa made a wonderful story. This is part of the Alvarez Security series but can be read as a standalone.
I received a arc in exchange for an honest review.


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