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Review: Once Upon a Desert Moon

Once Upon a Desert Moon Once Upon a Desert Moon by Anna Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Desert Moon- Lana didn't want to go back to Arizona, but she figured she would go with her grandmother and stay a few a days then head back to the east coast. All she remembers about being here before was a scent she couldn't get out of her mind. Ty eldest son of the pack alpha and an alpha in his own right, never takes time to anything but pack business. He to is caught up with a scent from his past Love the story, Lana was a strong women. Used to taking care of herself. She didn't any man to do it for her. Hot sexy, yummy alpha Ty needed a strong women to be his mate. But between rogue shifters, pack business he tries to overlook Lana. Wonderful first book in the series.

Desert Blood- Heather Luth is on the run. ending up in the desert, she figures this would be a safe place to lay low for awhile. Staying in the small town and getting a temporary job teaching in a one room school house, she believes she will be safe. Meeting Cody, a man that makes her feel protected and safe. She has no idea what he really is. And Cody is afraid to tell her. For one she is human and for two he doesn't want to scare her off. He knows she is the one for him but how to make her see it.
This is the second book in The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch. I love the characters. Each one is so different. Cody is easy going. He wants more but his father just sees him as a screw up. No way will his father ever let him mate with a human. Trying to find a way to keep Heather and protect her at the same time, Cody has to learn to step up and be the alpha he is. Heather finds herself falling for Cody but she is afraid for her life and knows at some point she is going to have to run again. The book is a standalone but does refer back to past characters.

Desert Fate- Book three of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series. Stefanie is on the run. Something is happening to her and she doesn't know what it is. Finding herself laying in the desert at dawn as Amy a man standing over her. Kyle Williams never thought to find a woman just lying in the desert. As soon as he saw her eyes he knew she was a changeling. He also knew she was his mate. What neither of them knew was they had been childhood friends. Pack law says Stefanie belongs to the pack bit her. Kyle doesn't want to give her up.

Another wonderful book in a series. Kyle was a loner in the other books. Even though he was a state trooper he stayed on the fringes of the pack. Stefanie although a strong woman has trouble accepting what she has become. She feels the pull towards Kyle but is unsure if she wants to take the next step.

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